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​End–to-end study design and engagement by our expert scientific and technical team.
Unmatched expertise in FFPE Cells and Tissues
Fast Turn-Around-Times
Support for human and/or animal studies
Assay development
Multiplexed fluorescent assays (Tissue-Micro-Arrays, whole tissues, or Flex-Arrays)
Image analysis
Contract or fee-for-service Technical-Only options
Facilitated logistical support
A secure access portal for requests, reference documents, and data/report delivery.


Critical X


​​Advanced in situ detection methods 

Critical X is your source for tissue-based assay development, testing, and pathology consultation services for basic and clinical research.  See below for a high-level summary of services and a description of our early access program for our Flex-Array platform.  Flex-Array raises the bar on tissue-based assays by enabling ELISA-like process controls on intact Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) material without sacrificing morphological context.


Early Access Program

Our proprietary Flex-Array technology is an open and cost-effective alternative to traditional single-sample slide or tissue micro-array (TMA) testing of FFPE materials.  Build greater confidence in manual or automated tissue-based assays with ELISA-like process controls for testing and data analytics, while saving time and money on expensive reagents.  Assemble study cohorts in minutes with flexible fit-for-purpose layouts for many samples, many marker sets, or both without the constraints or delays associated with TMAs.  The Flex-Array system is compatible with upright and inverted microscopes, whole-slide imaging systems, and plate-reader platforms.  Whether your application is multiplexed imaging, ELISA-like assays, or nucleic acid extractions, the Critical X Flex-Array is the most reliable and flexible choice for your research program.

Flex-Array is a Research Use Only (RUO) offering and is currently available as a service, however test vessels, holders and required reagents and consumables will soon be offered in a convenient kit format to early access customers.​​

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