​​Houston, TX – April 5th, 2019 – Carlos Genty, the Founder & CEO/CTO at Critical X will be presenting a workshop on "Emerging Technologies & Challenges in Histopathology" at the National Society for Histotechnology Symposium/Convention to be held this September in New Orleans, LA.  

Workshop Abstract

​It has been ~16 years since the completion of the Human Genome Project. In this short span, we have seen major advancements in tissue-based testing and analysis methods; a number of which blur the boundaries between histotechnology and molecular biology.

In addition to workflow and reagent improvements, the number of single or dual commercial biomarker assays and kits (i.e. Companion or Complementary Diagnostics) making their way into the clinical laboratory is on the rise. Importantly, these tests come with diverse protocols, scoring systems, and analysis methods that must be followed for therapeutic decision making and regulatory compliance. Unfortunately, this is not a sustainable practice for most laboratories in an era of declining third-party reimbursements. To make things more challenging, personalized medicine and precision pathology are demanding greater amounts of data from smaller (and less invasive) samples, multi-target quantitation, and significant improvements in test reproducibility – all of which will inevitably challenge our current tools, methods, and quality systems in the search for greater control, assay integration, and cost-effective methods for tissue-based testing and analyses.

This workshop will discuss the background and evolution of histopathology through the advent of personalized medicine and digital pathology, outline barriers to high-throughput precision pathology in current tissue-based biomarker analysis, survey of a number of emerging molecular, digital, and multi-modal detection technologies attempting to address these barriers, and then close with a discussion on preparation opportunities for histotechnology practitioners, educators, and students wanting to embrace this new paradigm.

Critical X to Present a Workshop on "Emerging Technologies & Challenges in Histopathology" at the National Society for Histotechnology Symposium/Convention
Houston, TX – April 5th, 2019

​Critical X


About Critical X Solutions, LLC: Critical X is an emerging  consumables supplier providing best-in-class consumables and reagents for multi-modal biomarker analysis to the biomedical research community. Our proprietary Flex-Array technology, a multi-well device for multi-modal testing of intact cells and tissues, has the potential to replace the traditional microscope slide as the testing vessel of choice for many of today’s biomarker assays.

About The National Society for Histotechnology: The National Society for Histotechnology is a professional organization for individuals actively engaged in the histology field. Since its founding over 40 years ago, NSH's member community has grown to include over 3,000 histology professionals from around the world. Though much has changed, our mission has stayed the same; to empower the profession of histotechnology through collaboration, education and innovation. 

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